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coverage, too. right behind me is knbr and the sports commentators are here talking about all the excitement, the world series and the giants' big win. in addition to the two risers for the press, there's actually a third riser for folks with disabilities so they can have a great view of the parade as well. the parade has arrived. the manager and the players are making their way in right now. >> gangdom style. (music). [cheers and applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the cast of steve silver's beach blanket babylon. [cheers and applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, the san francisco 49ers -- >> [inaudible] >> woo. >> laughter. come on. the san francisco giants. [cheers and applause] that's better. the detroit tigers. and that can only happen in the greatest city in the world, san francisco! [cheers and applause] >> "san francisco, open your golden gate". (music). [cheers and applause] "san francisco, when i get home again i'm coming home". [cheers and applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome giants' announcer renel brooks moon. >> what's up everybody? h
't just give the blue line. >> welcome to the inaugural season of hockey on knbr. >> it is going out to the right side so the other winger doesn't have to swing to the other side. >> reporter: he was on the bench and serving as a coach. he's doing that again. >> i'm not sure about coaching but the more i'm around here and helping, it is something i am really enjoying. it is the benefit of the lockout, if there is one. >> the bulls will have to take on the former first round draft pick of the san jose sharks in the form of devin saida gucci. and l'amouru with the answer. >> it is important to play. when you play, take it seriously and stay in shape and teach some guys something along the way. >> and now we are going to get ourselves a fight. denning and matthew clown. going right at clown and jennings, and on top of the ice, they get right back up. >> some of my buddies still have their 9-5 jobs and i still get to live the dream. >> all right, see you. er ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless rec
earlier this week that the giants swept the tigers, took the world series. david helping from knbr has the final car. >> announcer: number 5. >> 2-2 pitch on the way. cabrera, takes it strike 3 called! and the giants have won the world series. not only have the giants won the world series they have swept the tigers in four games in dominant fashion. >> bill: indeed. and did you see the video of the parade in san francisco on halloween. >> did you see the shirt that romo had on. i only look illegal. really great. >> bill: are you tired of this campaign? so has abby from denver. >> announcer: number 4. >> i'm tired of barack obama and mitt romney. >> that's why you are crying? oh it will be over soon abby. okay? the election will be over soon. okay. >> okay. >> bill: it will be over soon. fox news they are trying to get mitt romney in the act with hurricane sandy so they get chris christie on to say you want to get mitt romney down? >> announcer: number 3. >> is there any possibility that governor romney may go to jersey to tour some of the damage with you? >> i have no idea
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)